Cancelling bookings

Access to this feature is currently restricted to authorized API users only. If you feel you need access to this feature, please contact

Our  Booking API allows you to send bookings directly from your system to Springest. We also give you the possibility to cancel bookings through our API. 

In order to cancel a booking, make the following request:

POST  /trainings/:training_id/bookings/:id/cancel.[xml|json]?api_key=YOUR_PRIVATE_API_KEY

You can only cancel bookings that have been made with your API key. In order to cancel a booking you also need to know the booking id we return when you create a booking.
Note: When you cancel a booking the terms and conditions of the provider still apply.


  1. 201 Created
  2. When the Booking has been cancelled succesfully.
  3. 404 Not Found
  4. When the Booking can not be found, this probably means you're trying to cancel a Booking that was not created by you.