Bookings Create

Our Booking Create API allows you to send bookings directly from your system to Springest. We will process the booking and make it available in our system for the user and the provider. We will also send out confirmation emails and 

Access to this feature is currently restricted to authorized API users only. If you feel you need access to this feature, please contact

In order to process a booking you need to send a POST request to the following endpoint:

POST  /trainings/:id/bookings?api_key=YOUR_PRIVATE_API_KEY

To be able to process the request we need some data. The required fields are:

Field Type Format
first_name string
last_name string
email string
phone_number string
birthdate string yyyy-mm-dd
birthplace string
company_name string
address string
house_number string
zip_code string
city string

We also have some fields that might be required or might be optional. This depends on for which Springest site the booking should be created. For example, certain corporate customers might need a particular field, while others might not (contact Springest support if you're unsure):

Field Type Format
business_unit string
department_name string
cost_center string
cost_center_name string

Lastly, these fields are always optional:

Field Type Format
message string
starting_dateplace_id integer


When you POST your data to our API we run some validations on our end and will only process the conversion when they pass. When they don't, we let you know. As such, there are a couple of possible responses:

  1. 201 Created
  2. When the conversion has been created successfully. It will return the id of the conversion as a response. You can save this id as a reference to how we saved the booking.
  3. 400 Bad Request
  4. This will trigger when validation fails. The response will be JSON or XML (based on the url you are POSTing to) that looks like this:

    We will also validate if the actual conversion can be made, based on the contract we have with the provider. For example, when you want to create a booking for a course that does not have a booking deal with us, you will receive;

  5. 403 Forbidden
  6. When you're not allowed to create bookings.

  7. 404 Not Found
  8. When the training has not been found.