Trainings are our core data. Each training belongs to one institute

At this moment it is not possible to add or POST trainings using this API endpoint. It is possible to automatically update your trainings using an XML-feed.

Available methods

Method Description
GET /trainings.xml Get info for multiple trainings.
GET /trainings/{id}.xml Get detailed info for training with id  {id}.

Return a list of trainings

Request: GET /trainings.xml?api_key=YOURAPIKEY

Parameter Type Values Description
subject_id Integer An id of any subject Finds all trainings within this subject
institute_id Integer An id of any institute Finds all trainings from this institute
method String Method name e.g.  e-learning
level String Level name e.g.  University
region String Region name e.g.  Amsterdam
syndicate String Syndicate name e.g.  Cedeo, EXIN
created_from Date YYYY-MM-DD Created after this date
modified_from Date YYYY-MM-DD Last modified after this date
query String Free text A search query that will do a search similar to a search on Springest
full Boolean true, false Get more training related information

Get one training

Request: GET /trainings/123.xml?api_key=YOURAPIKEY