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Bookings GET

Access to this feature is restricted to authorized API users only. If you feel you need access to this feature, please contact product@springest.com.

This is an optional feature. Are you interested in using this feature? Contact your Customer Success Manager and discuss options and pricing.

You can access the endpoint for Go sites on the following host: https://site-name.api.go.springest.nl (or .de, .co.uk, etc).

Note: Edit "site-name" to the name that is applicable to your site. So, for example with site name exampleorganisation.go.springest.nl, the URL to be used will be: exampleorganisation.api.go.springest.nl.

We provide both XML and JSON formatted data. Pick your preferred output format by changing the extension of your request to either  .xml or .json.

Available methods

Method Description
GET /bookings.json Get info for multiple bookings.
GET /bookings/{id}.json Get detailed info for bookings with id {id}.

Get a list of bookings

Request: GET /bookings.json?api_key=YOURAPIKEY


Parameter Type Example value Description
created_at Date 2021-06-01 The date on which a booking was created.
updated_at Date 2021-06-12 The date on which a booking was last updated.
external_id String abcd1234 ID of the participant on a booking.
In practice, this is normally the id of the employee inside the organisation's own systems.
status String confirmed The status of a booking. Possible values: "initialized", "requested", "transferred", "confirmed", "approved", "rejected", "accepted", "declined", "expired", "converted", "cancelled".
participation_status String started The participation status of participant of a booking. Possible values: "enrolled", "started", "no-show", "completed", "did not pass", "cancelled", "unknown".

Get one booking

Request: GET /bookings/123.json?api_key=YOURAPIKEY