Autocomplete (search suggestions)

The Autocomplete API returns search suggestions based on an input search query. It will return a list subjects, providers and trainers. This output is identical to the list of suggestions returned by the search bar on Springest sites:

 As such, as a corporate customer, you can use this endpoint to create your own search bar as a "quick launch" widget in your intranet portal. Note: the endpoint does not return a list of products. The search bar on Springest sites simply returns a search page upon submit of the basic form of the search bar (see this example). 

Access to this feature is restricted to authorized API users only (Enterprise customers). If you feel you need access to this feature, please contact


Method Description
GET /autocomplete.json Get search suggestions related to a search term (valid data format: json, xml)

Get a list of search suggestions

Request: GET /autocomplete.json?api_key=YOURAPIKEY

Parameter Type Values Description
query String A search term The API will find subjects, providers and trainers related to this search term
Maximum amount of results: 5 subjects, 5 providers, 5 trainers.
(Note: Springest reserves the right to change the type of objects and/or amount of results returned by the search on our sites, and consequently by this endpoint.)