Review requests (submitting a prefilled review form to Springest)

The review request API gives you the opportunity to generate a link to the review form of the training on Springest. By sending additional information as JSON the review form will be pre-filled. The user landing on the trainingspage and sees a form already filled in. The only action needed is that he or she has submit the review to Springest.

Steps explained:

  1. User fills in the review form on Provider site. 
  2. User agrees that review will be published on Springest (has to be stated)
  3. Upon agreeing User is redirected to the Springest Url.
  4. User confirms the (automatic pre-filled data) for the Review on Springest.
  5. User and Provider receive notifications from Springest that the review was published.


When you POST your data to our API we run some validations on our end and will only process the request when they pass. When they don't, we let you know. As such, there are a couple of possible responses:

  1. 201 Created  See example on Github.
  2. 400 Bad Request See example on Github.

When the review request has been created succesfully. It will return the training_id and the URL to the review form on Springest.

This will trigger when validation fails. The response will be JSON or XML (based on the url you are POSTing to) that looks like this:

Did you know that there are some trusted third parties that can sent your reviews automated to Springest. Contact us for the possibilities.

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