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Review requests (submitting a prefilled review form to Springest)

Note: This is a technical explanation of the review request. For non technical explanation click here.

What does it do?

The review request API gives you the opportunity to generate a link to the review form on Springest. By sending additional information as JSON the review form will be pre-filled. The user landing on the page then only has to submit the review to Springest. 

JSON API information 
POST URL http://api.springest.nl/reviews/requests.json?api_key=***
URL to call review request api
Headers {} Header information
format JSON
Information should be shared in JSON format
body {} 
The body contains the information needed to request information

Body information (POST)

Parameters Description Type Format Required / Optional
email User's email String Required
first_name User's first name String Required
last_name User's last name String Required
job_title User's job title String Optional
description Review description String Optional
rating Review rating int {1, .. ,10} Optional
training_id OR
Springest ID of the training OR 
ID shared in XML-feed with Springest
training_completed_at Training's completion date for the user date 'yyyy-mm-dd' Optional
review_trainer Trainer's email string Optional


When you POST your data to our API we run some validations on our end and will only process the request when they pass. When they don't, we let you know. As such, there are a couple of possible responses:

  1. 201 Created 
  2. When the review request has been created succesfully. It will return the training_id and the URL to the review form on Springest.

  3. 400 Bad Request
  4. This will trigger when validation fails. The response will be JSON or XML (based on the url you are POSTing to) that looks like this. Most errors contain either absence of one of the mandatory fields or the training_id/External_ID is not currently a published training in the Springest database.